8 Extreme Athletes Share How They Exercise Outside Even When It’s Sweltering


If working out is your job, there’s no taking a day off just because the temps have spiked. You have to sweat. So when things start heating up, these extreme athletes—everyone from surfers and hikers to motocross pros and BMX riders—put a few key strategies in place to keep cool. Take their words of advice to heart, so you too can crank out a killer workout despite the scorching heat.

“Temp changes all the time because of how much I travel for surfing competitions. I could go from being in a 105-degree place one day, to below freezing two days later. So you have to be prepared and know how to adjust to the heat or the cold.

“I always stay hydrated no matter what the temperature, and I always try to take in a lot of water each day. I just go for as much as I can, and I say to myself, ‘Every moment you get to fill your water bottle up, keep putting water in there.’

“I’m really into essential oils, too, so what I like to do is get a washcloth, soak it in lavender and lemon oils, then stick it in the freezer overnight. I work out in the morning, so I’ll put it on the back of my neck in the morning until it’s not cold anymore, then put it back in the freezer while I go work out. Once I’m back, I use it again. It’s great for when I’m really hot and [it’s] super relaxing.”


Who she is: Professional ultra runner with Salomon, Winner of the 2017 Western States 100 Endurance Run

“If I have an easy run on my schedule, I’ll go in the heat. I think it’s good for me to make myself a little uncomfortable. When I’m training for a race like Western States, where I’m logging a lot of lower-intensity miles, I do almost all of my runs in the heat. However, if I’m trying to do a high-intensity workout, I will do it in the morning, before the heat of the day. Going deep in the heat can tire you out more quickly, and you can’t get as much out of training.

“To combat the heat, my friend Silke Koester makes bandanas that you can stuff ice in—I used those at Western States, where the temps were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the canyons, and it really helped. I’m also a big believer in using GU Roctane Energy Drink and Electrolyte Capsules with ginger root. I aim to drink one 21-ounce bottle of Roctane drink per hour, and I take the salt capsules whenever I get nauseous or notice that I’ve stopped sweating. The ginger root really helps prevent nausea.”


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